Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Harambe The gorilla   
                            By Tayla

On Saturday the 28th of May, four year old Isaiah Dickerson fell  10-15 feet into Harambe the gorilla enclosure, at Cincinnati Zoo.

Harambe the gorilla, is  an endangered species. Harambe was born and raised in captivity at Gladys Porter Zoo Texas, and was moved to Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio USA in 2014 at the age of 15.

Harambe and two other gorilla’s were in the enclosure at the time the boy fell.  Zoo keepers managed to get the other two gorillas out of the enclosure and were able to move them to another area away from Harambe and Isaiah. Isaiah was dragged around the enclosure and dragged across a 1 foot moat of water.  Harambe decided to pull the boy onto land then grabbed the boy's leg and played with him like a toy. The boy looked like a rag doll. The zoo keeper decided to shoot Harambe to save Isaiah life.

I think that it was both the parent and the zoo’s fault that Harambe was shot.  The zoo should of had a safer barrier in place to protect children from climbing and falling over. It was also the parent’s  fault as well, because they should have watched their child. I think that they still needed to shoot Harambe because a human’s life is more important than an animal’s life.

Cyber safe

Cyber Safety

On Monday the 16th of May John Parsons came and spoke about Cyber safety to the senior students of Taumarunui Primary School.

Cyber safety is about how you can be safe online to protect yourself and your identity when using the internet.

One way to protect yourself is to not post or share personal photo’s of yourself, because there might be criminals or  stalkers that might use these photo’s to harm you. A second way to keep yourself safe is to not accept friend requests from strangers because they might blackmail you or they might find out information about you and your family.  They could possibly even be a pedofile. Another way to keep yourself safe online is to ask people before you use their photo’s.  You could damage their future careers options if you share or upload silly photo’s of other people doing silly things, and you can be identified as the person who uploaded the photo’s.

If you become a victim to cyber bullying there are ways to help you deal with the situation.  The first thing you need to do is:
  • Stop all contact by not replying,
  • Screenshot or print any of the inappropriate messages that have been sent,
  • Tell somebody that can help you deal with it, like your parents, teacher, or police.

I think being Cyber Safe is very,very important because you don’t know who’s out there and what they could do  to you. You have to protect your identity ,because once you are exposed online, it stays there forever. One silly post, inappropriate photo,or even horrible comments could destroy your future opportunities for career options.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


There was once a button,it wasn't just any button it was an important button. It had been carefully placed onto a Khaki uniform jacket. The button dodged bullets on the battlefield. At times it lay face down in muddy trenches, it felt the soldiers heartbeats and sensed his fear.
Then the war was over, and the soldier returned home. The Khaki jacket was pushed deep into the wardrobe .The years passed slowly and world was changing, the soldier was getting older and older. Apirl came around and the soldier didn’t
come back for his jacket.
One day the wardrobe flung open and the sun floated through, “Oh! Look great grandpa's jacket” said Ella. Ella pulled out the jacket and laid it carefully on the bed. “Nice buttons”said Ella, stroking them gently, “but they are quite dirty.” The jacket smells awful”said her mother wrinkling her nose. Her mother showed Ella some photos of grandpa wearing the jacket with his regiment. Ella rummaged through the box.  She found another photo in which great grandpa looked older and far less cheerful. His hair was longer and he looked like he needed a shave. His jacket  was dusty and stained but the button looked brand new .Ella pointed to the neck button which was scratched and dented, “What happened?”asked Ella.” “A piece of shell  hit him” said her mother. “But it struck the button first and glanced off.Your great grandpa escaped without a scratch!”
Ella snipped the buttons off the jacket carefully, and sewed them onto a piece of red ribbon to make a necklace.  She wore the necklace to the Anzac Parade with pride in remembrance of her of  her grandfather.

2o Facts
1)  WW1  began in August 1914 when Britain and Germany declared war on
    each other.
2) The term ANZAC is protected under Australian law.) More than 11,000 3)Anzac’s died at Gallipoli and more than 23,500 were
4) In Tonga Samoa,Cook Island and Niue, Anzac day is also commemorated
  to honour their soldiers who participated to the campaign.
5) The poppy is a symbol from the canadian remembrance day, and has been
    adapted as a reminder of the loss suffered during war.
6) The Gallipoli Peninsula is very near the famous ancient city of Troy
7) Anzac day was not a public holiday in New Zealand until 1921.
8) April 25 was the day the ANZAC’s landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in
9) The Anzac’s were all volunteers.
10) 25th April was officially named Anzac day in 1916.
11)The first dawn service on an Anzac day was held in 1923.
12) AIF is an abbreviation for Australian Imperial force.
13) Anzac day was not a public holiday in Australia until 1921. However it was
       not observed uniformly in all stated
14) The Gallipoli battle itself ended in a stalemate when the Anzac’s retreated
        after eight months.
15) Gallipoli was a disastrous campaign.The planning wasn’t great and  it was
       very difficult to land supplies and reinforcements on the beaches.

16) Since the 1990’s, New Zealanders of all ages have travelled to Gallipoli and other     war sites to attend Anzac day services there.
17) Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick and his donkey saved about 300 Anzac’s.
18) Anzac Biscuits are made of oats,sugar,flour,coconut,butter and golden
19) Anzac biscuits were eaten instead of bread because the were long lasting.
20) Constantinople is now called  Istanbul, which is in Turkey.

Tayla RS
Resource Sustainability -  Tayla

Resource sustainability is to be able to keep recycling so we don't run out and hopefully there is more for future generation.

Our environment needs  oil,bauxite,coal,silica sand,and iron sand because we are running out.

Natural Resource

Natural resource are thing we use from earth like trees,water,wind,sun,animals.

Non Renewable resource

Non Renewable resource are things that we can't make they come from earth like oil,bauxite,coal,silica sand and iron sand


While the waste is rotting it gives off a gas.This gas is dangerous because it can cause fires and explode.

When it rains on a landfill water passes very slowly down through the landfill and collects dirt,chemicals and poisons from the rotting waste.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The beep test

The Beep Test.

The beep test is a 20m shuttle run done for fitness and to see how long you can last.

The equipment you need :
  • Cones
  • Recording sheets
  • Audio recording
  • Flat non-slip surface
  • Measuring tape

First you start at a certain line, run 20m then wait for the beep. When the beep goes off again you run back. You get a tiny rest in between each run,its starts getting harder because it gets faster, each time you run.

While you are running your buddy marks each level you get up to with the score sheet.  Each time you reach the line that is a point.